To Cut or not to Cut?

Last week we had an appointment for growth ultrasound to check on the size of the baby. About an hour later we got the results back from radiologist and we talked to my doctor about the results. Long story short our baby girl was measuring on the large side; 10lbs to be exact. And that meant a vaginal delivery was no longer an option for us (I mean me).

I took the news hard because I had been preparing for a vaginal birth not surgery. I wanted to experience the labor and I’d had this image in my head of them pulling the baby out and handing her over to me. But with a C-section, it meant I couldn’t do that.

As new parents, this news a week before the due date + all the risks that comes with both methods of delivery is not what you want to here. But after spending a few days to think, read, watch videos, and talking to my OB about it, it made sense to move forward with an electively scheduled C-section.

So today we get to meet our little peanut. We have been waiting to see, smell and touch her. And it’s going to be great.


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