Third Trimester: a squash at 29 Weeks

Wow, it has been a while since the last post. What is my excuse? None, I have been busy growing a baby, thank you very much! And, work has been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks. I have also been making plans for family members to visit during the upcoming baby shower. And I have been thinking about party favors for guests at the shower. (Btw, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below).

What been going with baby

OB says Baby Vargas is healthy and growing as expected. What’s also growing is her increased activity—I may sound like a broken record now, but it’s true— she’s super active, which I love because I can’t help but smile each time she stretches or changes position. The feeling is like none other—indescribable, comforting and just fills my heart with joy. Her dad (aka Baby Maker) loves feeling her move, too. He’s still amazed each time she gives a big kick!

According to, Baby Vargas is “… now the size of a squash!” – a squash! This to me is comforting yet scary because I love that she’s growing but c’mon I walk at <5mph. No, seriously, I do and stairs—forget it! I can barely walk up the stairs without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I didn’t know growing a baby would take so much out of me.

What been going with Mom-to-be

My friend Melissa texted me the other day asking how I was feeling. I texted back saying, “Tired and fat and slow and happy.” That’s literally how I feel as I take on the third trimester. I’m not going to lie it’s hard. I keep hearing from other moms that it’s totally worth it in the end… “when you’re holding her you’ll completely forget about all those times you felt tired and exhausted”…blah blah blah. I’m sure this is true but it’s hard to see myself there, yet. I will say that fantasizing about her birthday is actually very comforting and she helps me feel better when she does her daily acrobatics.

Getting a good night sleep is also a problem for me because I only have two choices—sleep on my left side (recommended by doctor) and right side.  This is very tough because I’ve never been a side sleeper always on my stomach. But like everything else, I’m dealing with it!

Aside from being tired, I’m thinking about party favors for the shower, what to wear that actually looks good and comfy, maternity leave logistics—when to stop working, how to transition back into the workplace, and recently we discussed child care post maternity leave. Well, let’s just say I didn’t like that discussion at all! I can’t imagine her at a daycare center with a bunch of other kids at such a young age.  So I’ve been tasked with daycare and/or babysitter options. I know these places fill up fast so I guess I better start now if we want to get on the list.

How young is too young for daycare? Should we get a nanny or babysitter instead?


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