Goodbye second trimester, hello third trimester!

So it appears we finally got through six months of excruciating yet very exciting journey and we’re even more closer to meeting our little munchkin!

Baby during second trimester—

Second trimester brought along with it some excitements like feeling and seeing the baby move, hiccup and even saw her profile via sono—twice! We found out first-hand that she’s got a kick like no other, too.  She went from the size of a papaya to an eggplant.

Baby grower during second trimester—

When I said excruciating earlier, I meant all the inevitable symptoms of pregnancy brought on by pregnancy hormones—blurry vision, swollen ankles and feet, and tiredness—were my most common pregnancy symptoms during my second trimester. All of which caused me a lot of discomfort, and my boyfriend was amazing at making me feel comfortable, of course.  Dealing with blurry vision was extremely hard for me because it came on without any notice, usually at work, and I’d have to spend the entire day at work unable to see clearly. I resorted to using my cubicle door as a shade from the very bright florescent light in the office. I don’t think it helped much.  Look I’m not complaining I’m just saying…

Swollen ankles and feet is a problem that limits my footwear options for work or play. For a woman with hundreds of shoes, I find myself with no option for shoes to wear to work. The only thing I can wear, comfortably, is my Italian Pink Studios sandals that I purchased on Mulberry Street in Boston a few summers ago. They are completely worn but still very comfy and somewhat dressy. I’ve been doing some online shopping for new styles that fit.  I found nothing so I’ve given up! (Hormones, you won—happy?!)

Tiredness, well, it’s not going away until I have the baby. Let’s face it it probably will get worst after the baby arrives at least for a little while.

Looking ahead to third trimester—

I expect nothing but more discomfort and happy times during our last trimester. Discomfort because I have read and been told by my darling sister-in-law that I will get bigger (so will the baby), I might even go up a shoe size when this is all said and done (REALLY?! I’m already a size 10-11, WTH).

Happy times –birthing classes, nursery decorations, baby shower and all around excitement surrounding the arrival of the most important person in our live. (she’s moving right now, lol)… We just can’t wait to see, smell and hold her in our arms. I daydream about her birthday in November, about how much I want to hold her and tell her how much I love her.

So, hello, third trimester! I’m not sure what you have in store for me and my growing bump but I guarantee you I can handle it, so bring-it-on!



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