23 weeks: our little papaya

Wow, I have been growing baby Vargas for five months now! Time certainly flies. So here’s what’s going on with us this week.

Baby: she’s doing great and moving every so often in her little cocoon. Feeling her move inside my belly is probably one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life. Although I sometimes wonder what she’s doing when she’s not moving–sleeping or awake listening to daddy and mommy’s voices, or other sounds? What do you think?

The baby this week according to my trusted friends at thebump.com: the size of a PAPAYA!

Baby Vargas - week 23

Baby Grower (yours truly): blurry vision, swollen, tired, increased appetite, weird cravings.

Blurry vision, swollen ankles and feet, and tiredness are my most common pregnancy symptoms during my second trimester. First, let us talk blurry vision. Pre-pregnancy, I had excellent vision. I only needed classes when I was in front of a PC. Now my classes are useless on most days. Most days like today my vision is good; yesterday not so much. Which begs the question why do I all of a sudden suffer from blurry vision? According to http://www.whattoexpect.com pregnancy hormones is the culprit for this temporary change in my vision. (Read more at http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/symptoms-and-solutions/vision.aspx).

Another issue I’m dealing with is swollen ankles and feet! This is a major problem because it impedes on my fashion! Swollen ankles and feet is not only a discomfort, but it limits my footwear options for work or play. The only thing I can wear, comfortably, is my Italian Pink Studios sandals I purchased on Newberry Street (http://www.newbury-st.com/) in Boston a few summers ago. They are completely worn but still very comfortable and somewhat dressy. I do need options though so I have been doing some online shopping for new styles.

I am looking forward to meeting this tiny little person I have been carrying around for five months. I find myself missing her and wanting to hold her. (Her first word better be “ma-ma”)…j/k!



2 thoughts on “23 weeks: our little papaya

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