Excess saliva during pregnancy

Morning sickness for most pregnant women is inevitable. Some women have the fortune of not going through the severe mental and physical hormonal changes that take over your body at six weeks. I, sadly but very happily, went through the hormonal changes during my first three months. The worst part about my experience was nausea, then smell aversions and excess saliva. Like most new moms I read the pregnancy book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, and let me just say the info is right now but pregnancy will happen to you differently from what’s in the book or from your sister’s, or mom’s pregnancy. The fact is no two pregnancies are exactly alike.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. But one of my least favorite parts of the first half of this wonderful journey was excess saliva! It was so unbearable and embarrassing that I wanted to know caused excess saliva and most importantly how do I make it stop. And in my quest to find answers and remedies, I found out that apparently excess saliva is usually associated with morning sickness—really, you don’t say?! What if I have already gone through morning sickness and was just FINALLY starting to feel like myself again when my mouth will not stop drooling? The most valid answer I got was…

“Excessive salivation is called ptyalism or sialorrhea… increased salivation can also be related to heartburn”.

It’s not the worst thing to go through it’s just irritating to say the least. I am glad I am over that hump!


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