Stuff I Collect

I collect movie, concert and play stubs as well as matches. I started collecting movie stubs back in 2004 when I lived in Miami. My friends and I went to the movies almost every weekend and on weekends when we didn’t go together, I would go alone. And so to keep track of all the movies I’ve seen I started collecting the stubs, which then grew into plays and concerts.

With matches, I started collecting when I was probably 20-years old when I traveled to Dallas, TX. I went to a local bar with co-workers and I’d noticed the bar had their name and contact info on the matchbox. I really wanted something I could take with me to help me remember the bar, so I grabbed one. Ever since then I make sure to grab a matchbox from a bar or restaurant from whatever city I find myself in. I have matchboxes from TX, FL, NY, Boston, Rhode Island, Connecticut, DC, Virginia, Wisconsin, and California.

What do you collect?


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