New Beginnings, But First Starbucks With Rosenberg


I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day. I had a low-key Vday at home with some wine and dinner.

I recently resigned from my position with a nonprofit organization where I worked for nearly three years. It was tough to leave, especially saying goodbye to people I’ve come to like and enjoyed working with and learned so much from. I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity, but as they say all good things must come to an end.

This week though, I will begin another fun and exciting working relationship with a national association in Washington, DC; I am very excited about my new job. I have all the emotions that comes with starting a new job, meeting new people; learning new skills and SO ready to take-on a more leadership role. With new beginnings come new learning curves, challenges and adjustments. I will experience all of the above, not at work (I hope, OK a little), but I know I will definitely experience it with my commute to work. Now, I’m not new to the metro system, in fact, I’ve been on it several times alone while in college and with friends to festivals and museums. My friends know I’m not a big fan of public transportation because I’m a huge control freak and like things done in a very structured manner. So giving driving control to someone else is going to be tough.

To help ease my anxieties of riding the metro, my boyfriend and I did a dry run over the weekend, and I decided to do another one alone today. Here’s how it went: I missed my 8:39am metro bus to metro station; was in a train car with way too many people; I tweeted; and on last connection we were delayed for >10 minutes; and had to stand the entire ride into the city. I took it all in stride…I was not flustered, but was definitely annoyed and held back from yelling at the riders who stood WAY too close to the doors; therefore causing it not to close for at least a minute.[tsk, tsk, tsk]… as you can see, I’m going to need more time to get use to riding the metro. Look, I’m not complaining, I’m just saying… anyway, I gave it a try nonetheless and for that I’m proud of myself.

My Tweet: “Observation: riding w/weekday metro riders vs weekend is so different. Personally, I prefer weekday riders! I’m just saying…”

I rewarded myself with some Starbucks green tea and banana walnut bread when I arrived and read Arthur D. Rosenberg’s book, ‘101 Ways To Stand Out At Work’ [Adamsmedia, 2009; ISBN-13:978-1-59869-981-4]. By the way, I highly recommend this book.

I’d like to know about your experience and what anxieties you had when you had to start a new job, or if you’ve recently moved to a new city. How did you handle it and what would you do differently? Share your comments below–thanks for reading and sharing.


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