Happy Valentine’s Day From Glor & Jay!

Love is in the air, especially today—Valentine’s Day! We have to say we are sorry we haven’t posted anything on gloryjays.com for a while. Well, so much happened since the beginning of the New Year…we’ll have to write a special to share what’s been going on in our lives with you. Until then, though, we wanted to wish you all a very happy, love-filled Valentine’s Day!

During his lunch break, Jay surprised me at home with a dozen roses, a Hallmark Cupid Snoopy complete with sound and motion and lots of kisses. I love this man! (Thank you, honey!)

Jay and I jaunted into DC yesterday to figure out some travel logistics for my new commute ride into to work. (Um, yes, I got a new job—one of the many things that’s been going on with us this year, (see paragraph above). Anyway, while there we had dinner at this great Chinese place in Chinatown—Tony Cheng—awesome food; you must try! After dinner we took a walk through the neighborhood, did some window-shopping at Urban Outfitters—love that store; we reminisced a bit when we walked past Matchbox—another awesome place for some pizza and burger. Finally, we made out way to the Gallery Place where we dashed into Hagen-Dazs for some well-deserved ice cream to soothe out sweet tooth. Yup, it’s a problem we know but so what we love sweets. Jay ordered the cookie dough and I got the dolce de leche ice cream—delish! We sat down and talked about how wonderful Gallery Place is and how we’ve never been in there but will definitely go back in.

The night was winding down so we grabbed some newspapers and other publications from the corner across from the Pepco station. And that’s where we picked up the Washington City Paper. While waiting for and on the metro ride back to NoVa, we perused through the pages and found this very interesting cartoon pictures on the last page with the headline caption that read “VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE”. Jay read it aloud and we thought it was hilarious because we could relate to the ‘AFTER FIRST YEAR’ piece. We thought it was pretty darn close to our relations and thought we’d share with you, so, here you go!

What stage are you in your relationship and what are your plans for today with your significant other? We welcome comments so please share your thoughts / ideas below.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Glor + Jay


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