Tips on Managing Stress

Plinky asks, “Are you stressed out?”

Am I stressed? Right now, no, I am not stressed. But, I will say we all face stressful situations in our personal and professional lives; and each individual manages stress differently. Contrary to popular belief that stress is more prevalent during the holidays, we deal with stress year round. Stress can lead to emotional highs and lows, poor judgment, overeating, insomnia, alcohol abuse and severe increase in cortisol, which increases belly fat and a host of other health conditions. However you look at it, the physical and emotional consequences of stress can be detrimental to overall health.


While there are common causes of stress like work, relationships, financial, etc; stress factors differ from one individual to the next. Identifying your stress factors is as important as managing and dealing with stress. The stresses of work can be very difficult to deal with because you have to remain professional at all times in the workplace. For me, the stresses of managing multiple web development projects and high profile projects can sometimes be stressful. I’d have admit I have fallen victim to stress in the workplace. Below are some of the things that helped me deal with and manage stress in my personal and work life:

Managing stress–

  • Exercise – participating in any aerobic / cardio exercise will help reduce your stress dramatically. You don’t have to hit the gym for hours, just taking a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood goes a long way. And if you don’t have time to workout in the morning, you can walk during your lunch hour. The key is to stay consistent and motivated.
  • Yoga –as a yogi, I can honestly say that yoga is one of the best stress management techniques I have practiced. As an avid jogger, I am addicted to the natural highs of endorphins, but yoga is different in the sense that it calms your body, mind and soul. And the breathing exercises can be practiced anywhere.
  • Balanced nutrition and diet –eating a balanced diet of seafood, plenty of fruits and vegetables, drinking tons of water and moderate amounts of green tea (preferably decaffeinated) will help keep you healthy from the inside out.
  • Make a to do list – making a list of your projects is a great first step to keeping stress at bay in the workplace. Listing all the things you have to work (or home) on will help you stay focus on tasks. Moreover, checking off the completed tasks will give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • Set priorities – identifying your priorities is closely related to making your to-do list. You can set priorities by tagging your projects in order of importance. For example, A=high; B=medium; C=low, etc., and then tackle each project based on priority.
  • Communicate with your boss (or family) – sharing your project list with your boss (and/or loved ones whatever your situation) is important and allows s/he to know your workload thereby allowing him to assign new tasks accordingly; therefore ensuring that you do not have too much on your plate.

How do you manage stress?

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