Strategies for a Successful Blog

I subscribe to a daily public relations and social media news feed from PR Daily News Feed. In today’s email, Mark Schaefer of the award winning, “Grow” had a great post on “The 10 Best Corporate Blogs in the World“, and I liked it so much I was inspired to share.

Mark’s post got me thinking about some of the strategies I used to turn my blog into a Lifestyle website, Now, I’m not posting this just for fun, I’m posting so you can read and learn from what these corporate blogs are doing to engage their customers, expand their brand, teach their customers about their services and products. In my opinion, blogging is going to be one of the fastest growing ways to increase overall brand awareness on- and offline because it gives customers the opportunity to stay abreast on new product development and services being offered by the company.

With that said, below are my top five strategies or elements for starting your own successful blog.

  1. Who – identify your audiences both internal and external: existing customers, new customers, key stakeholders and partners?
  2. Why – Identify the reasons for your blog. It is important to set realistic and achievable goals, and be prepared to adjust accordingly.
  3. What – what is the purpose of your blog? Whether you want to increase brand awareness, promote a product or service, it is important that you identify the purpose in order to archive your goals successfully.
  4. Where – where you host your blog is equally as important as the first three, so whether you pick a sub-domain off your main URL, or Blogger, WordPress, remember to hyperlink to your website.
  5. How – And finally, how do you intend to market, promote, and create new and original content for your blog?

Whether you already have a successful personal or corporate blog, or you are just starting a blog for yourself or company, I hope Mark and I have inspired you and I especially hope you will follow these five steps to creating your blog. Don’t forget to  stay focus on your topics; staying focus allows you to put forth clean, consistent, cohesive content. And lastly, write with a voice that tells readers you are the expert!

I would like to hear from you so join the conversation and tell us what strategies have worked for your corporate blog.


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