Hello, I’m a Mac.

I’m a PC…not anymore.

I’ve been a diehard PC user for years. I’m familiar with different Windows operating environments such as  MS Dos; Windows NT; Windows ’95, ’97, and 2000; Windows XP; Windows Vista; and just recently Windows 7. Not only was I a dedicated PC user, I also offered technical support to PC users on these platforms. The thought of ever using anything but a PC was not something I thought about. To be honest, I actually never thought I’d use Mac even if you paid me to mostly because Mac was too proprietary and of course, I’d always thought it was for top professional graphic designers, (my opinion).

When I met the MacBook Air–

Something happened on Christmas Day 2010 that changed my computing life forever. I got the new MacBook Air as a CHristmas present from my boyfriend, Jay. Well, like most people around the world that morning, I screamed, jumped up and down, hugged him, screamed again, and kept saying “omg, no way…seriously, omg, omg, thank-you, babe…thank you…omg, omg!!!”. I couldn’t rip open the wrapping fast enough on the accompanying wireless keyboard and mousepad. Let’s just say I was in Mac heaven and the sweet songs of this shinny, light-weight piece of stealth computing machinery was singing sweet to me. I had been a very good girl after all. 😉

It’s been a week since Christmas, and I am addicted to everything Mac. I have been on http://www.apple.com/ reading up on switching from PC to Mac, learning the short keys and shortcut equivalencies, changing my preferences and downloading apps and extensions to make my Mac MINE. One of my goals for 2011 is to become a Mac geek; I absolutely love my Mac! All the applications are at my finger tips thanks to the Dock. The most amazing part, for me, is how fast it takes to restart the Mac versus Windows. Talk about zero to runtime in seconds!

Oh, one of my favorite things I’ve learned today is the print screen function: start by holding down Apple keys ⌘ + Shift + 3 and release all, then use your mouse to click on the screen and viola! You screen image will be saved on your desktop. Piece of cake!

What did Santa bring you for Christmas? Do you have a Mac or MacBook Air? Please join-in on the conversation by share your comments below.

For more information on the new MacBook Air and additional key features, visit http://www.apple.com. Also, check out the cool video on the slick and thin design: Watch the video above.



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