in my BAG: iamGlor

The schedule of a web & communications manager includes conference calls, meetings with vendors, departments, and affiliate offices, training and support calls, countless e-mails, social network status updates, and webinars. With this hectic schedule, having essential beauty items in by bag is well, essential. Today I’d like to share a few of my beauty items that you can find in my bag on any given day that keeps me looking fresh and feeling glamorous at work and play.

True Companion:

My go-to handbag for travel, office, and play is my black alligator handbag by Sonia Rykiel. This bag is a lifesaver and is one of my favorite bags. I can throw everything from my lunch, snacks, cell phone, day planner, makeup bag in here and go. It’s super chic!


I’ve worn makeup ever since I was maybe 20-years-old. I learned from my mom how to apply eye shadows and liners, and lipstick. Makeup is the foundation for any runway —and your look, so having the right products is key in achieving fresh yet sexy makeup looks for day or night, office or play.

Lip Service:

I love L’Oreal’s HiP Jelly Balm—it feels fantastic on my lips! My favorite color is Delectable. It’s truly a great alternative to lipstick.  It’s not as sticky and heavy as most brands I’ve tried. In fact, on the weekends when I have very little or no makeup on, I simply add a dash of black mascara on my upper lash to complete my weekend makeup look. (L’Oreal’s HiP Jelly Balm in Delectable, $9; drugstores)

Eye Service:

Wet & Wild eye liner in black and eyebrow pencil in brown; and mega plum mascara in jet-black. I love the black eye liner, the soft pencil is so easy to apply without tearing the sensitive eyelid area. ($0.99 – $5.99; drugstore)


For a fresh clean breath at meals and any time during the day, I turn to Wrigley’s Extra Long Lasting gum in Spearmint. It’s not sugarless which mean it doesn’t count towards my daily sugar intake + it helps fight cavities! (Wrigley’s Extra in Spearmint, $1.49; drugstores)

Chewing gum doesn’t just keep your mouth busy; it helps you stay focused, too. Learn more about Benefits of Chewing™.

Also in my bag are: I stay connected with friends and family with my HTC EVO 4 G. –love this phone;  my day planner, suede leather business card holder, and my Depeche Mode New York wallet.



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