Live For a 100 Years!

If this is not a great way to start a Friday, I don’t know what is! Thanks to genetics and a lifelong practice of these secrets, I’d say my chances are even greater. BTW, my grandfather lived to be well over a 100-years-old!

image & video :

Healthy sexual appetite: check.

College degree: check, check (I have two).

Brush / floss everyday: check (ok, fine I don’t floss, but I brush everyday).

Exercise: check–i’m an avid runner!

Golf / Swim: I swim. I’ll leave the golfing thing to my big brother, Scale.

Marry someone younger: hmmm…well, I AM the young one in my relationship.

Kid: not yet. Working on it…

Drink a glass red of wine per day: check. Find out what else a glass of red wine can do for you.

I DEFINITELY look much, much younger than my age. I’ve been told several times that I look 22, 23…what’s my real age?

What’s your real age versus how old you look?



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