Glor, Inc. (est. 1980)

the BIG 3-0

All along, I have been emphatically excited about my impending thirtieth birthday. I can’t pin-point a specific reason why, but I have been yeuking to be 3-0 for some time now. Without all the boring details about who/what/why/where bullshit (I’m not going to bore you with that rubbish), I honestly am excited to turn thirty! ….lol, I don’t know what it is, um, I guess I’m relieved to be out of the “20’s” age bracket. Turning thirty for me means …

  1. I’m no longer 20-something;
  2. I’m on my own now, which means I can’t call mom and dad when shit hits the fan;
  3. I can’t call in sick on a  Monday morning because I’d been out getting drunk the night before and can’t hardly peel myself off my 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets (trust me if you had 400-count-Egytian-Cotton, you wouldn’t want to wake up);
  4. I can’t make any more stupid, “I’m young…I got plenty of time” excuses when I fuck up;
  5. I can’t ignore my financial responsibilities like financial aid repayment (not that I ever did that! Gosh, my dad would k.i.l.l. me);
  6. I can’t drink excessively because as you get older alcohol is no longer your best friend –aside from the headaches, you feel all bloated for days, your face peels from dehydration—mine does anyway, all the empty calories goes straight to your lower abs and thighs (ugh, let’s not go there), metabolism is not what it used to be anymore…SIGH (FML)

WTF am I listing ‘can’t’-do items? LOL…I’m sorry…I bet you thought you were going to be enlightened or inspired or whatever from reading this post. ::Sigh::  I’m sorry I have disappointed you (NOT) LOL –that was funny…

When I wake up tomorrow the first thing I will do is call my mom and tell her THANK-YOU for giving birth to the most incredible young woman (me) ever. And then I will tell her how much I love her dearly and unconditionally forever, especially for passing on the independent, can-do (and will do) anything attitude. I will speak to her in one of the six languages I share with her. She will be proud of me (I hope) and then I will end the call by saying, “mom, I’m going to see Kings of Leon” in concert tonight. She’ll say “who”…I’ll laugh and say “they’re my favorite band, mom!”…she’ll say “OK, well, have fun!” Indeed I will, I.N.D.E.E.D!



2 thoughts on “Glor, Inc. (est. 1980)

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