Q&A with DVF via Time

Perusing through several online magazines and social media outlets in the morning is one of my favorite  daily routines. Today, I came across this Q&A with iconic Fashion Designer, Dian von Furstenberg (famous for her wrap dresses), discusses comfy hotel rooms, design inspirations, and aging gracefully with TIME staff writer, William Lee Adams (London).

(image via Time.com, courtesy Claridge’s)

One of my favorite Q from the piece…

TIME: Claridge’s has stood the test of time and so have you. Any tips on how to age gracefully?

DVF: I decided to age naturally and to not alter my appearance. The best way to age is to be involved and engaged in the world, and to assume the person that you are. Your age, your country, your social background — it doesn’t matter. At the end it’s all about being your own best friend and liking yourself. Life is a journey and landscapes change and people come and go, but you are always there. Thanks William Adams, your Q&A with DVF was refreshing to read. (Read full article).

You might also enjoy this piece by Betsy Kroll on the designer.


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