5 new features on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

You will all agree with me that there are just so many blogs out there. I mean, I cannot even tell you how many I subscribe to…maybe 15 or 20, and to be honest, I don’t read them all. I selectively read the blogs based on what I find to be interesting that day or what projects I am working on, etc.

Today, however, I read Jay Krall‘s list of “5 new features on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that PR pros need to understand“, and I must say thank you, Jay for a refreshing list and one that I actually I am excited to share! Please notice how he said; “understand” not “must know” like most bloggers like to say. In my opinion and I hope you all agree understanding a concept is much better than “knowing” it. I mean it just puts you in a better position amongst your peers. Hey, do not take my word for it, read it for yourself!

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2 thoughts on “5 new features on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

  1. Jay Krall

    Thanks for the kind words, Glor. Honestly I had not thought much about the word choice but I see what you mean, understanding is more important than just being able to rattle off the buzz words. Appreciate the link love too.


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