the GOOGLE t-shirt interrogation

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before on this blog, but almost everyone who knows me know that I’m a H.U.G.E fan of GOOGLE. I mean like HUGE –I love Google so much it is my cyber boyfriend. Something about the colors that make me go GAGA for GOOGLE. As a matter of fact, I changed my name on my Facebook profile to Glory Google and some of my friends chimed in with nicknames like “Glorgle” –haha, too funny.

Anyway, so while on the metro yesterday with my boyfriend heading to D.C., he pointed out to me that the guy behind me had a Google t-shirt on– I almost jumped out of my seat from being so excited! I can feel my heart racing right now…:). I quickly turned around and sure enough this kid, Matt (Matt from Pittsburg) was wearing a Google t-shirt! I SMILED and then proceeded to bombard the poor kid with so many questions.

Me: where did you get the t-shirt from?

Matt: um,…

Me: how did you get the t-shirt…did you buy it, where? who gave it to you?

Laughs, started to answer…

Matt: uh, no, my dad gave it to me.

I interrupted, again…

Me: do you want to sell it to me? I’ll give you $20!…

Matt: no! it’s the only clean shirt I have.

Me: why, how come, where are you from? I noticed his suitcase.

Matt: I’m from Pittsburg.

Me: Where are you going?

Matt: mumbles some destination that I didn’t care too much about…I giggled louder and started telling him how obsessed I am with Google.

Me: c’mon dude! $20 BUCKS!!!

Me: where did your dad get it from?… does he work for Google?…what does he do? As if that last question was relevant!

Matt: Um, he works for…

I couldn’t make out anything else he said I was so high on excitement.

Me: can I take a picture of you?

Edward [my boyfriend]: giggles. don’t worry dude, she’s going to post it on her blog!

In my head I’m thinking…Damn right I will!!! LOL!!!

he laughed out loud a little and said

Matt:  ok,…haha

He was so shy or perhaps felt violated by my nonsense ramblings about Google. I think he was just shy.

I took a picture of Matt in MY Google t-shirt.

He didn’t sell the tshirt. I was a sad Googler the rest of the night! But I did get a picture!!! LMAO!!!

Thanks Matt — you made my metro ride!

Thanks Babe for calling the Google t-shirt to my attention!


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