better late than never; GZ Update

Three weeks ago, I promised a review of the movie, Green Zone. I apologize for checking in so late, but I was busy falling in love…still am. Normally I’d give a whole spill on movies and what I thought about the actors, cinematography, plot, settings, etc…but personally, this movie was one of the best I’ve seen since Mr. & Mrs. Smith — it was brilliantly made and I couldn’t help but love it.

One thing I’d like to point out is that there were a lot of socio-political rhetoric, which questioned what the truth is (trying not to give away the storyline), what the truth is according to me; however, is that GZ is a great storyline that delivered, and kept you at the edge of your seat! I also thought it was just a little bit long–just a little–some scenes should have been deleted or tagged on to another.

If you love Matt Damon and his work then you’ll love the GZ. I’d have to admit we’ve seen movies like this in the past and probably will see it again in the future, because we’re Americans–we love action movies with heroic characters played by likeable actors like Matt Damon. Who in the movie played an agent who’s goal is to find WMD and bringing bad guys to justice, bad guy  played by Greg Kinear who’s extremely duplicitous in this movie and leaves you wondering “who the hell can you trust”?!Ah, yes as Americans we love these types of movies. And I loved the Green Zone. Here’s hoping there’s a sequel.

Have you seen the G’ Zone?


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