Is Your CMS Working For You?

Selecting a content management system that meets your organization’s website needs is crucial. Moreover, identifying key functionalities and features that will support your web services needs is an important step in the selection process.  Deciding factors for choosing one CMS versus another is vastly different from one company to the next. Intrinsically, Web managers should factor in, and seriously consider cost, scalability, database administration, design flexibility, control and of course, ease of use. Most Web managers and administrators are probably familiar with the following CMSes and Web design softwares –Ektron, Drupal, Dreamweaver, Joomla, or Microsoft SharePoint– all of which have received awards and accolades. Irrespective of which CMS platform you choose, web technology is ever-changing and we’re beginning to see new emerging technology in Website design and Web 2.0 functionalities. I strongly believe that not all Web content management systems are created equal and that is where Contensive comes in.

What is Contensive?
Contensive is a content management solutions provider offering out-of-the-box functionality site management server services to nonprofits and associations allowing them ability to build dynamic websites with complete control of content, database management and administration, and extra add-on (aggregate objects) tools to manage Web services and communicate effectively with their constituents. I have had several conversations with Contensive senior developer, Jay Kidwell, and he often reiterate the fact that his goal when developing and enhancing features and functionality is that anyone, especially those with no prior CMS knowledge or experience can use it effectively with little training.

So in order to understand and evaluate Web content management systems and choose a CMS solution that will support online services of your organization, you have to consider, in my opinion, three key features –scalability, value, and database administration; everything else, albeit important, is a bonus.

Key Features

Contensive CMS is easy-to-use software with several applications and features built in to help improve you build smart websites.  The software is flexible, scalable, inexpensive, and simple to use. I have chosen three key features to highlight:

  • Scalability – your CMS of choice must be scalable to meet your growing needs. In fact, I believe this is one of the most important deciding factors in selecting a decent CMS; next to cost, ease of use, and design flexibility. As with any software you purchase you must carefully assess its capability to handle growth and expansion in the years to come. With Contensive CMS, the scalability is consistent, dynamic, and robust enough to handle high volume of Web content and data management without interfering with your day-to-day Web services and operations.
  • Value – creating customizable apps (or add-ons) can be pricey; therefore the ability to maximize the value of your website should be a priority in the ongoing management of your website. Contensive’s add-on library provides value in the sense that it gives you access to key add-ons that can be downloaded from the library, installed, and deployed on your website.  All of the add-ons are a great way to enhance your website by making it more usable and interactive for your web visitors. Add-ons include blog, survey, dynamic forms, shopping cart, calendars, to social networking apps like Google’s Opensocial and Twitter.
  • Database administration– maintaining a database can be expensive and often requires a professional database administrator. Contensive’s online database is easy to maintain and manage allowing you the flexibility to managing your clients contact and billing information, including managing your list of prospects from one place –your website. In addition, the email module allows you the freedom to send personalized, customizable, and targeted email messages and communications to your constituents. The email module also allows you to schedule emails for future delivery; therefore helping to maximize your business growth. You don’t have to be in the office to send that very important email all you have to do is tell it the time and date you’d like to send the email, click send and viola, you’re done –it’s that easy!

From ease of use, search engine friendly sites, e-commerce, to support, you need a content management solution that provides full functionality while allowing you to stay connected with existing customers, acquire new ones at a low budget. Contensive is a comprehensive, one-stop shop CMS solution that is flexible enough to deploy a dynamic solution within any site design without the astronomical costs. So go ahead say yes to your clients because guess what Contensive does it all.

In conclusion, it is important to be selective when choosing a web content management system. Understand and evaluating Web content management systems and choosing a solution that will support online services of your organization, remember the three key features –scalability, value, and database administration. The CMS you choose should be easy to use by your web content editors, administrators, and managers. But most importantly, it should help you provide a website experience for your website visitors to promote usability and offer interactive feature that help to engage visitors. In the grand scheme of things, your content management system should provide you the ability to effectively manage and deliver information to your targeted audiences and help promote your business or cause the online.

About Contensive, the company

Contensive (formerly KMAnet) is located in Dulles, Virginia. Contensive is a complete e-business solution that combines state-of-the-art content management, personalization, and commerce features that optimize the Website user experience.

Last Words

Contensive CMS is a robust and powerful content management system with its easy to use WYSIWYG editor allowing the ability to manage websites quickly and easily. To learn more about Contensive CMS, visit While you’re there, check out the Contensive demo site,  and try out some of the cool features. View key features and add-ons.

Sites powered by Contensive

What content management system do you use? How did you arrive at your selection –cost, support, scalability, etc. Your comments are encouraged and welcomed, so please so share.

Thanks for reading and hopefully sharing!


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