So I spent most of the day today working on HTML apps for Facebook. It was actually very fun — had a great time being a geek! Anyway, as you can see from my FB Badge, I am on FB so find and friend me on FB when you’re online.

So why have I been on FB all day? Well, I found out just recently that the Facebook page for my organization, CHC is not a fan page and worst it is not even public! So all of the podcasts and videos that I have pushed out to FB for the last six months are only visible to profile friends and users with FB accounts. ::SIGH::

Therefore I made it my mission today to create a brand new Facebook Fan Page with tons of creative interactive customization. I added images, links to other social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube and even our Website. Thanks to great Facebook Developer for developing “Static FBML”! FBML is one of the best apps I’ve used recently. Basically static FBML allows you to add customized tabs to your fan page. So instead of the out-of-the box tabs provided by FB “wall”, “info”, “photos”, etc you can jazz up your business or organization’s page with additional tabs. There is really no limit to the number of new tabs you can create but given the limited amount of tab space, you might want to consider keeping your tabs to a minimum.

So here’s a run down of what I did to the Facebook Fan page

  1. I linked the Facebook Fan page with Twitter –this will ensure that all status updates will be posted to our Twitter accounts
  2. I added an “Official Facebook Fan Page of Community Health Charities” tab and in the detail page, there are links to Twitter, YouTube Channel account, and link for fans to subscribe to our video podcast RSS feeds.
  3. I also added a new tab called “About CHC” and in the detail page I added information about “Who We Are”, “What We Do”, and a list of all our member charities.
  4. I added a new tab for “YouTube” and dropped in a link to one of our videos on YouTube. Then I moved it from the boxes tab to the wall tab.
  5. And lastly, the most fun tab to create was the “Welcome” tab, and in the detail page I added one of the graphic image from the flash tabs on our home page, a welcome statement and a blurb on CHC, and the last item on the page is a Twitter logo with a link yet again to our Twitter account.

Phew, it took a lot of HMTL coding but the end result was totally worth it! See my work and become a fan of CHC!
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